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Intensive workshops

Discover new possibilities for
personal development and expression
through dance, regardless of age.

Dance in nature

Take a break and (re)discover
yourself in a pleasant environment at
workshops and dance camps in nature.


Find out who are the dance lovers
that form the I Dance You community
and keep up with the news.

I'm Anamaria Guguian. Dancer. Creative. Facilitator. I Dance You

I’ve learned that we can express freely through the body, we can understand ourselves and communicate with others beyond words. Dance helps you relax and discover the joy of being. Let’s get to know each other and start together a journey in which you will find your own dance.

I Dance You. A community created by and for dance lovers.

I Dance You is a soul project that aims to bring together people passionate about dancing, artistic expression and growth. I Dance You has formed a growing local community since 2016. We meet and become closer through creative movement workshops, the performances we create, or the cultural and social events we organize.


Why dance with I Dance You?

Take part in workshops tailored according to the needs and dynamics of each group and in events that open your way to new experiences.

  • there is no right or
    wrong dance;
  • you relieve emotional and muscular tensions;
  • you connect to yourself and become authentic;
  • you develop your creativity;
  • you socialize and make new friends;
  • you become free and more confident in yourself.


Emilia Cazan
Marketing specialist

Love how Anamaria opens a door for you to rediscover yourself through dance. How you can connect (and learn to stay connected to) your inner rhythm.

Love the sense of freedom dance gives you. No right or wrong moves, a beautiful ride to enjoy instead of a competition. It's empowering. It heals, and I really appreciate how the classes also introduce you to dance as a therapy and means of becoming a silent observer. You listen to the body, you replace fear with trust, you let go, you clear your mind and shine the light of your soul.

Love the community built around the project - amazing people embracing you with acceptance, patience, encouraging you to be who you are. Giving you space to grow, time to heal, sharing who they are. I am grateful to be part of I Dance You.

Orsolya Balint

I Dance You invites you into a world you did not think there could be inside yourself, where you could not dare to step forward - but once visited, it urges you for intense flights and deep dives.

Simona Polhac
Painting workshops facilitator

Each community should have someone like Anamaria Guguian, a dedicated facilitator of the primordial dance. Here you discover a different dance, a dance through which you become a creator of a poetic reality, and also you discover parts of the body you did not know they could dance.

Roxana Cornea (Rox Ana Maria)
Curator at Muzeul Casa Mureșenilor Brașov

By participating in I Dance You events, you feel the dance as a discharge, through rhythm and movement, of your feelings and emotions. Joy, sadness, love or desire, all meet and tell you something about yourself in a dance. Through dance we socialize and communicate, regardless of the spoken language or culture we come from.

Sorin Neculae
IT programmer

What happens in * I Dance You * workshops is impossible to know even one second before the class starts. Everything happens there, when you start to move, when you take images from sound and from silence, and bring them inside you. Then you take them back to the sound, back to silence. And this flow continues until you feel that you are getting closer to the music, to the stillness of yourself. And you wake up being one with the music, with the silence and with yourself. And that's when you start * dancing *. Thank you Ana for dancing us so beautiful.

Ioana Mitrică

"I Dance You" workshops are a breath of fresh air and it can’t be translated into words how beneficial and cool this experience has been. Anamaria Guguian is exactly how a trainer should be. I recommend everybody to follow these workshops.

Tudor Petrican

I Dance You is a dance of transformation into something easier and simpler. It's childhood.

Alexandra Stancu
Marketing specialist

I colored my winter and spring with 2 dance workshops organized by I Dance You - Anamaria Guguian. What a good choice! The techniques of movement awareness, improvisation, dance therapy and many other very good surprises have been my vitamins for well-being. After 8+ laptop work, remembering the intelligence of the body was every time a miracle! What's cool is that you start to have confidence to manifest your free inner dance and to take it outside the classical dance steps. You understand better the benefits of dancing for your holistic inner balance. You discover new movements and learn to relate them to inner images or living structures / elements of the environment. You learn to speak more clearly through movements and dance. You exercise new ways to get out of your inner world and to share more clearly what you feel and feel about others. You grasp the difference between abstract and concrete better in your movements.

Cristina Lilienfeld
Choreographer and dancer

In the winter of 2017 I accepted Ana's invitation (I Dance You) to facilitate a Contact Improvisation workshop in Braşov. I enjoyed an incredibly warm reception and the curiosity and willingness to play of those attending the course. The way the workshop was organized made me realize that what I Dance You is building offers seeds for the future and I appreciated the involvement of all those present. I thank Ana very much and I can’t wait to come back!