Intensive workshops

At the intensive workshops for adults you:
– discover your own dance;
– work with the emotional body;
– learn to listen to your body;
– express yourself freely, as you feel;
– give up stiffness, relieve yourself;
– get to know yourself better;
– develop your creativity;
– learn to play through dance, and become spontaneous;
– become confident;
– learn to communicate with others.

To participate in these workshops, you do not need to have an athletic body or prior dance experience. You only need to be open to exploration and willing to experiment.

Each workshop has a special theme and lasts for 6 or 7 weeks. One of the meetings always takes place in nature, regardless of the season.

We meet once a week for about 2h-2h30min.

The next intensive workshop for adults

The next intensive workshop is The Dance of the New (Year), in which we focus on the idea of ​​”new” with all that this implies. We are experiencing the new within us, in our movements and in our lives.

Duration and venue: Every Thursday, between January 31st and March 14th 2019, from 19h30 to 21h30, at the Army House/ Casa Armatei (Lungă St., No.1 ​​A, Braşov). The March 7th meeting will not be held and will be recovered on March 14th.

Entries are to be made by January 31st, by e-mail at or by phone at +40726 689 713.

Contribution: 280 lei (the amount is paid in full at the first workshop)