Intensive workshops for seniors (+50 years old)

The I Dance You workshops for seniors address the generation of those who have had the challenge of experiencing difficult times, followed by a not-so-easy transition from a closed, amorphous and opaque dictatorial system to a strange liberal democracy, overloaded with information, stimuli and technology.

Younger generations have not known the world before the Internet and it is sometimes hard for them to understand the vision and perception of their parents and/or grandparents and why they can not open up to new things. They forget that previous generations did not have the chance to learn to express themselves, to be open, to probe in. They had to work and make sacrifices for the family, because that was how the society was built then.

The workshops are meant to offer seniors:
– a framework of free expression;
– new ways to socialize;
– the opportunity to relax;
– the opportunity to enjoy themselves and to offer time for their needs and passions;
– emotional and physical relaxation.

We will use different techniques of creative movement, gentle practices of connecting with our own body and create a circle of trust and expression in a safe environment.

The following workshops for seniors

Within each workshop, we offer 2 free entrances for those with a difficult financial situation. The beneficiaries will remain anonymous throughout the course. Those wishing to apply for the scholarship are kindly requested to mention this in the comments section of the sign up form.

The workshops take place weekly and last for 1h30min.
Details of future workshops will be announced soon.