I Dance You Workshops

I invite you to discover your dance. The dance that’s already there. It is inside and around you; it’s the sum of your experiences. Once you feel it, you easily adapt to situations, become flexible, and more understanding.


During the workshops we create together a space where there are no rigors, correct steps or mistakes. A space free from the pressure of judgment and competition, in which you are guided to become aware of your body, to observe yourself and be open to communicating with yourself and the other dancers.


Each workshop is created by the participants and by the present moment. Thus, the I Dance You workshops are tailored according to the dynamics and needs of each group. They do not repeat themselves, new experiences are created in and through dance. As a participant, you are part of this creation, you become a co-creator of the workshop. You learn to express creatively, to trust yourself and assume an artistic act.

Explore the possibilities of personal development and interaction that dance offers you through:
– body exercises designed to relieve your muscular and emotional tension;
– improvisation exercises by which you express yourself spontaneously;
– dance therapy techniques by which you connect with yourself and get to know yourself better;
– creating a comfortable and protective space in which you can be who you are;
– working with a group of people who support you and with whom you create and learn.

In addition, each workshop ends with an artistic product: a dance video, a dance-poetry mix, a photo album, a video documentary, a performance, etc

Choose the workshop that fits your needs:

Workshops for adults

Intensive workshops for adults who want to experiment, whether or not they have dance experience

Workshops for kids

Intensive workshops for preadolescents (8-14 years old) focused on creative movement and experiential learning

Workshops for seniors

Intensive workshops for seniors (+50 years old) open to express themselves through dancing, to relax and socialize

Dancing in nature

Workshops and dance camps in nature for those who want to (re)discover themselves in a natural environment